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General Information
Bits of Information
Our Curricular Programs
Our School of Graduate Studies
Our Undergraduate Programs
Our Scholarships and Other Grants
Our Library Services
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Bits of Information

 Our Vision
      CGC envisions the molding of students as proactive, dynamic, and God-loving members of the community who are deeply imbued with intellectual capacities, affective competencies, and behavioral skills, enabling them to participate and contribute in the building  of the local, national, and global village.

Our School Calendar
First Semester
June - October

 Enrolment will be posted later.

First Semester
October - March
Enrolment will be posted later.
April - May
See posters for details.

Our School Fees
(in Philippine Peso)

Tuition Fee per unit                 200.00

Miscellaneous Fees

   Registration                          225.00

   Library                                  200.00

   Athletic/PRISAA                    60.00

   Medical                                 100.00

   Dental                                     75.00

   Guidance Services Fee           100.00

   ID                                           50.00

   Pub/Student Handbook            75.00

   Group Insurance                      50.00

   Examination Materials            65.00

         Other fees may be collected depending on the academic services a student may wish to avail of.

Entry Requirements

 New Entrants
*CASE Result
*Form 138 (HS Report Card)
*Birth Certificate (photocopy)
*For married female- Marriage Contract (photocopy) 
*2x2 ID pictures (2)
*Certificate of Good Moral Character
 (signed by the Guidance Counselor or HS Principal)
      Bring the requirements set for new entrants, except Form 138, and the following: 
*Honorable Dismissal 
*Certificate of Grades (for evaluation)

Please note that the college will only credit subjects which descriptive titles and number of units  correspond to those offered in CGC.

 Please note further that CGC will not accept transferees at the regular third and fourth curriculum year levels.

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For details, e-mail:

Maharlika Highway, San Jose City
3121 Nueva Ecija Philippines
Tel. 00+63+44+511+1609
Fax. 00+63+44+511+2278