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Our Computer Services

Personal computer system
     The computer laboratory occupies the second floor of the new building located at the right. This is open only to CGC students with computer laboratory subjects. Drop in users may be allowed depending on the conditions set by the computer laboratory in-charge.
     The computer laboratory is open from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning and from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, Monday to Saturday.

Computer Laboratory Rules and Regulations
 *Computers are provided for academic purposes and/or for CGC operation purposes only. No CGC constituent is allowed to use it for his hidden business or personal purposes.
*Do not waste materials or waste time on the computers to the detriment of others.
*Access only your file(s). Opening other user’s file(s) is not allowed.
*When going on-line, be lawful, honest, and decent. Access only your e-mail address(es). Any use that is obscene or with the intent of annoying or offending other on-line users is forbidden.
*Never use anyone else’s account, with or without permission.
*Do not leave a logged-in session unattended, even for a moment.
*Make sure you log out/disconnect after going on-line.
*Be considerate of other computer users- avoid excessive noise or other nuisance.
*Do not run or load your own software on the computers’ hard discs unless you got a permission to do so.
*Do not delete, disable, or tamper with any software stored in the hard discs of the computer.
*Do not tamper with the hardware or any network or power connections.
*Strictly no bringing of foods and drinks inside the computer laboratory.
*The foregoing rules and regulations also apply to drop in users.

Maharlika Highway, San Jose City
3121 Nueva Ecija Philippines
Tel. 00+63+44+511+1609
Fax. 00+63+44+511+2278