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General Information

     Core Gateway College (CGC), formerly The Colleges of the Republic, is a Philippine government-recognized private Higher Education Institution (HEI).  It has been excellently meeting the educational needs of the local and nearby communities for more than half a century now.

Our Departments

       CGC is currently organized into Departments, namely; School of Graduate Studies, Teacher Education, Liberal Arts, Business Education, and Computer Education. Each Department is composed of several fields and areas of study which students are admitted. Each Department is headed by a Chairman. The Chairman is assisted by the members of the faculty designated as Program Advisers.

Our Official Language

      English is used as the medium of instruction in all academic programs and the official language of communication in CGC.

      The academic faculty, administrative staff, and students are therefore encouraged to use English as a medium of communication inside the CGC campus.

Initial Step to Admission

      Students who wish to join Core Gateway College should take first the College Admission and Scholarship Examination (CASE). This test is conducted in the months of September and October in designated testing centers.

      For walk-in applicants, CASE is conducted year-round by the Office of Admission.

Maharlika Highway, San Jose City
3121 Nueva Ecija Philippines
Tel. 00+63+44+511+1609
Fax. 00+63+44+511+2278